Environmental Organizations Alternative and Renewable Energy Acoustics and Noise Control Garbage, Sanitation Green Building Land Pollution Environmental Education Dangerous Materials
Energy Saving Legal Consultation Green Agriculture Manpower and Human Resources Environmental Economy Green Products Recycling - Systems Green Computing Solutions
Water and Sewage Recycling - Factories Air Pollution Radiation Labs Green Transportation Standards Association Stamp Environmental Planning
Public Organizations, Forums, Non Profit Organizations and Unions
Consultants, Planners, Engineers Solar Energy- Component System and Accompanying Equipment Systems, Components and Products for Renewable Energy Wind Energy
Acoustic Solutions for Noise and Vibration Acoustics Consulting, Measuring and Testing Noise and Vibration Machinery, Equipment and Systems for Measuring Noise Levels and Vibration
Capacity Reduction,Treatment, Sorting, Separation and Recycling Solid Waste and Organic Waste Cleaning Materials and Green Fat Removal of Industry Construction Waste- Demolition, Transportation, Grinding, Sorting, Recycling. Garbage Clearing Equipment, Carts, Compressors and Garbage Cans. Garbage Sites, Transition Stations, Garbage Pits - Planning, Rehabilitation and Construction Garbage, Foliage and Construction Waste Clearing Services Initiation, Consultation, Planning, Engineering and Accompanying Engineering Projects Manufacturing Grounded Garbage Containers - Import and Marketing Road Sweepers, Sanitation Facilities and Garbage Vehicles
Architects Artificial Grass Consultants, Engineers and Archetects for Green Building Contractors Environmental Friendly Construction Materials, Equipment, Products and Technologies Smart House
Device Equipment, Monitoring Systems, Sampling, Land Testing Sealing and Rehabilitating Land with Different Technologies Surveys, Examination, Consultancy Treating Polluted Land, Sludge, Sea Polluted by Fuels, Oils, Metals
Enrichment Programs, Courses and Tours. Institutions for Higher Education Environmental Studies Visitor Centers
Asbestos- Dismantling, Supervision, Clearing, Transporting and Burying. Consulting, Planning, Training and Supervision in the Field of Dangerous Materials. Safety Products, Spill Containment Pallet, Safety Closets and Barrels for Dangerous Materials Systems for Recycling Solvents,Thinners and Dissolvers- Treatment, Service and Sales Treating Biological Waste, Infected Medical Waste, Treating Radioactive Waste. Treatment, Clearing, Transporting, Storing, Burying and the Logistics of Dangerous Materials.
Bio Fuel and Plant Fuel Biomass Energy - Converting Waste into Energy Conservation, Saving Energy- Technological Solutions, Products, Materials Gas and Bio-Gas Energy Geothermal Energy Wave Energy in High and Low Tides
Legal consultation and expertice
Agricultural Meteorological Stations - Sensors, Systems and Equipment Consulting, Planning and Monitoring in Agricultural Engineering Environmental Friendly Pesticide Solutions for Wireless Cellular Communication and Control Treatment of Animal Waste
Recruitment and Placing for the Cleantech Field
Consulting, Construction of National and International Environmental Projects Collaboration. Development, Promotion and Support of International Entrepreneurship in Cleantech Investment Houses, Green Funds and Exchange Traded Notes in Cleantech Research and Development Companies, Technological Greenhouses and Start-Up Companies in Cleantech
Cleaning Materials and Green Fat Removal of Industry Environmentally Friendly Products and Materials
Automatic Facilities for Collecting and Recycling Bottels and Cans Cans, Containers and Facilities for Collecting Recyclable Products, Garbage Cans Crushing and Recycling Systems for Plastic, Metals and Electronic Waste Facilities and Systems to Reduce Volume, Sorting, Separation and Recycling Organic Solid Waste Grinding Tools and Equipment Systems, Recycling Construction Debris, Sifting and Quarries Machinery for Recycling Wood, Compost and Cuttings Magnets and metal separators for metal separation and lifting Shredders and Cardboard Presses for Recycling, Reduce Volume of Tires, Paper, Tin, Glass and Wood
Computers and Software for the Cleantech Industry
Consultants, Planners, Engineers Control, Measurement and Water Management Systems, Devices and Equipment, Desalination, Brackish Water, Seawater Filtering Systems, Pumps, Valves, Backflow Preventer, Gate Valves, Control Accessories. Location, Detection and Control of Water and Sewage Leaks and Providing Solutions Pipes, Pipe Accessories and Accompanying Equipment Planning, Installation, Operation of Water and Sewage Facilities, Pumping Stations Prevention of Scale, Corrosion, Bacteria- Systems, Devices, Chemicals, Antispetic Products and Materials Systems, Devices and Bars for Purified and Mineral Water, Water Production from Air Treatment of Water and Quality Maintanence Using Various Technologies Treatment, Purification & Reuse of Cleansed Sewage Using Various Technologies Washing, Pumping, Cleaning, Renewing, Rehabilitating, Sealing Pits, Pipes, Sewage Lines Water Conservation -Equipment, Accessories, Systems for Saving Water. Water Recycling, Re-Use of Grey Water and Black Water Water Safety -Technologies and Consultancy
Recycling - Batteries and Lead Recycling - Cloths Recycling - Cooking Oil Recycling - Glass Recycling - Metal Barrels Recycling - Metals, Electronics Waste, Magnetic Media Recycling - Oil, Oil Filters Recycling - Paper and Cardboard. Recycling - Solvents, Chemicals and Active Coal. Recycling - Tires and Rubber Recycling- Plastic
Consultants, Planners, Engineers Filtering Systems, Devices and Products, Purification and Treatment of Air Pollution Meteorology, Sensors and Advanced Equipment Monitoring, Sampling and Measuring Pollution in Production Processes in and around Chimneys Systems and Products for Solving Odor Problems. Systems Equipment for Monitoring, Sampling and Controlling Pollution
Machinery and Equipment for Measuring Radiation Testing and Measuring Radiation, Consulting, Treatment Methods and Solutions.
Equipment, Materials and Machinery for Environment Labs Labs for Testing Water, Sewage, Land and Air
Cars and Initiatives Operating with Green Technologies Fuel from Alternative Clean Energy Sources
Certifiers and Companies for Different Standards Companies and Institutes that Provide Consulting and Preparation for Certification
Checking Feasibility, Valuations, Techno-Economic feasibility Surveys of Effect on the Environment - Planning and Environmental Consulting

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